Fabulous Sofapaka down defending champs
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SOFAPAKA of Kenya led defending champions Atraco 2-0 at half time before winning 3-0 during their final Group ‘C’ match of the Cecafa Kagame Cup Club Championship at the Regionale Stade de Kigali in Nyamirambo on Friday afternoon.

Defender Harry Gentle was on the mark in the 42nd minute and striker Bob Mugalia made it 2-0 with a 45th minute penalty. Then Mugalia got his brace in the 68th minute after finishing off a great move from the left flank by Said Idrissa Rajab and central striker Hugo Nzoka.

Earlier, Uganda Revenue Authority had beaten Simba of Tanzania 2-1 in the other match of the group but it was not enough to save the Ugandans from going home surrendering the third position to Simba who finished third to reach the quarter finals.

Sofapaka and Atraco were battling to decide who topped the pool. Even though Sofapaka coach Sam Ssimbwa had said he was determined to win and maintain a 100% record, he put into the pitch all the Sofapaka players who had not played in their previous 3-0 win over URA and 2-1 triumph over Simba. Six players who had started in their previous matches were not on. Skipper James Situma was not even on the bench.

The Ugandan coach believed his second string boys would stand up to the defending Kagame Cup champions. The Kenyans, however, had to soak in a lot of early pressure and ‘keeper Zachariah Onyango was a most tormented man. After receiving two early knocks, it even looked like he would be unable to continue.

Then Sofapaka really struggled in midfield and Ssimbwa had to frantically call up a senior player, ejecting Salim “Kinja” Khamis and bring in the tough warrior Bob Mugalia.

Then the tide of the game started changing and the Kenyans started to find their footing. Suddenly after 35 minutes, they were looking terrific.

A spectacular raid started on the right flank and just after halfway line, right full-back Harry Gentle, who was playing his first game, sent a tremendous shot straight into goal prompting fantastic admiration all round.

On the 1-0 lead Sofapaka were now unstoppable. On the left flank the big Nigerian Abbas Akinyemi raced down and headed for Atraco goalkeeper Alexis Ganza. Akinyemi beat the ‘keeper with the dribble and Ganza had no option but to hack down the striker. Mugalia stepped up to hit the unstoppable penalty on 45 minutes.

In the second half Sofapaka had the comfort of a lead that did not seem under threat and only once did their goal come under threat when Edgar Ochieng’ had to clear off the line in the 70th minute.

Before then Idrissa had initiated the third goal when on a counter attack he sent a long ball to Nzoka who crossed into the box and goalie Ganza could only direct the high ball to the legs of Mugalia. On his first kick, Mugalia hit the back of Sofapaka midfielder Evans Wandera who was also in the box. But from the re-bound Mugalia made no mistake.

The Kenyan team achieved their objective of topping pool ‘C’ to avoid pool ‘A’ strong teams TP Mazembe or APR in the quarter finals on Tuesday.


SOFAPAKA -1. Zachariah Onyango: 6. Said Idrissa Rajab, 5. Edgar Ochieng’, 26. Andrew Oyombe, 2. Harry Gentle, 20. Humphrey Mieno Ochieng’, 22. Evans Wandera, 8. Laurent Tumba, 24. Abbas Akinyemi, 17. Salim “Kinje” Khamis (9. Bob Mugalia, 31’), 30. Hugo Nzoka

Reserves – 29. Wilson Obungu, 13. Kevin Ochieng’, 18. Tafadzwa Dondo, 21. Hussein Abdulrazak Alwy, 12. John Baraza, 7. Thomas Wanyama

Scorers - 2. Harry Gentle (42’), 9. Bob Mugalia (45’ penalty, 68’)

Coach – Sam Ssimbwa(Uganda)

ATRACO - 1. Alexis Ganza: 13. Yahya Seburungo, 2. Arafat Serugendo, 23. Berch Bamuna (12. Ronald Kamoga, 75’), 21. Alimasi Kadogo, 3. Godfrey Katerega, 7. Jabir Mutarambirwa, 14. Hamisi Kitagenda (4. Donatien, 49’),11. Mike Ssebaringa, 17. Jean Lomami (8. Ismail Habumugisha, 81), 16. Dady Birori

Reserves - 24. Andre Lomami, 12. Ronald Kamoga, 10. Jimmy Butera, 22. Ismail Mfashingabo, 8. Ismail Habumugisha, 5. Amani Uwiringiyimana, 4. Donatien Tuyizere

Coach - Sam Timbe (Uganda)

Referee - Ally Kalyango (Uganda)

By Gishinga Njoroge in Kigali







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Edwin kibe  - SKY IS THE LIMITS   |213.150.107.xxx |2009-05-11 05:52:51
Well done keep it up guys,this is humble beginning you are the

Quality website,there is vision in our kenya football so be leading
others as they follow kudos men.

Unity is the strength, so cheers men.
Edwin kibe  - sky is the limits   |213.150.107.xxx |2009-05-11 05:55:01
Excellent performance
Kudos guys
Edwin Kibe  - An opportunity   |213.150.107.xxx |2009-05-11 06:01:10
Excellent performance
Nyaga JOE  - Hi,   |196.201.228.xxx |2009-05-12 00:12:59
Hi guys.Congratulations for you've really proved yourself.It's good to see that
you can kill the giant.

Continue with the same spirit and never give up the

ouxs  - cudos   |196.202.206.xxx |2009-05-13 00:45:01
ave been to a number of games and guys i have to say you guys play great
kudos to you hope you keep it up.

well done
bruno musumba   |196.201.151.xxx |2009-05-13 01:43:09
sofapka keep it up my prayers and support for you na nyinyi milele
Anne Muthoni  - Congrats Guys   |212.49.80.xxx |2009-05-13 02:37:11
Am your supporter all the way.........heshima kwenu
Mukami  - Kudos   |217.21.112.xxx |2009-05-15 01:16:48
Excellent performance and commitment so far, hope u keep the same spirit till
the end of the season.
Michael Maina  - Perfect example   |196.202.211.xxx |2009-05-15 02:11:32
Kudos guys u have brought a sense of professionalism in the way football is run
in our beloved country.I trully support u all the way.
martin koome  - Good Management   |41.220.120.xxx |2009-05-18 04:41:52
I just want to congratulate the sofapaka family especially the
management,coaches, fans and most of all the players.Thanks for showing the
football fraternity that runing of footrball in this country is possible when
professionalism is applied. Kudos and keep it up
oketch  - mr   |Registered |2009-05-25 08:12:22
I wish you all the best,God bless!
ouxs  - great da   |196.202.206.xxx |2009-05-26 00:08:13
manze satos game rocked to the fullest if u missed it u missed out big

kudos to the players 4 a wonderful tym that they provided with there show
of skills.
looking forward to another good sato
Lyndah  - Congrats   |41.220.127.xxx |2009-06-04 07:49:39
Guys you've made me a football fan the way you play is extraordinarily
recommendable and your high spirits when playing makes me fill just like am also
in the pitch. Keep it up and God bless.

Thanks to the management.
bhachu carol  - pongezi     |196.202.210.xxx |2009-06-12 03:10:46
Guys I do appreciate you for your efforts, and I'm praying to God your the team
to take away the shame and disgrace that we've been having for long.You have all
my support.Shine bright and far because I BELIEVE YOU CAN.go guys go!
Neddy  - Good Team   |41.206.42.xxx |2009-06-17 03:02:24
I love and support you guys,you have set a good example to other Kenyan
teams.Keep it up.
wangashindu  - well done   |196.216.68.xxx |2009-06-23 23:14:42
you have shown that football can be organized and well paying keep on raising
the standards of in kenya.
Omach E,O  - Good management & Discipline   |62.24.125.xxx |2009-09-22 09:12:49
To the management, congrats are in order for raising the standards of club
soccer management in the country and to the Players, i say descipline and
hardwork is the key to success.keep it up!
Yakubu  - Hongera   |91.203.96.xxx |2009-10-01 13:20:50
Congrats guyz. U hav ignited my interest in Kenyan football apart from the
English pr. league. I hope u guyz are goin to win the KPL. Lets now focus on the
african champs league and other regional tournaments. Keep it up.
kadafi  - kudos   |41.204.180.xxx |2009-11-09 06:23:50
now this is just the beginning of sofapaka success more to come!!
kadafi  - kudos   |41.204.180.xxx |2009-11-09 06:24:20
now this is just the beginning of sofapaka success more to come!!
peter mugambi   |217.21.126.xxx |2009-11-10 01:22:09
guys u have proved a point to soccer fratenity in kenya,that being organised can
take u places i hope our soccer governing units can take something out of
this.congrats guys moyo ni huyo huyo.this is only the begining and the club
desrve to get the fruit of hardwork,i pray to God that the golden boot belongs
to one john baraza coz he deserves to get it
Who I Am  - Hongera!   |88.244.171.xxx |2009-11-11 20:20:33
Hey, Hongera Kudos, it's very brilliant. Can i ask you something editor? I seen
a asian girl between your fans, i want to meet her. This is very important and
serious, please help me. Please Help. Thanks. God Bless you, Watoto wo Mungu!
lider_maks   |Registered |2009-11-18 22:06:02
Здравствуйте !!! Я на данный момент
занимаюсь созданием Кенииской Лиги в
Онлайн Игре. Не могли бы вы мне предоставить
информацию по Кенииским клубам Название
команд, список игроков, даты
рождения,амплуа. Очень бы был Вам
благодарен !!!
mercy mutegi  - well done   |41.204.170.xxx |2009-11-26 07:03:37
mko juu too sana, but hata kabarak we are coming up.kudos!!!!
Eric Angadia  - Tusker cup   |64.255.180.xxx |2009-12-20 06:01:18
Good job done by Sofapaka in the Tusker cup by topping their group. I hope you
or Tusker F.C. bring the cup to kenya.
Kevin Juma  - The sports man of the year   |Registered |2009-12-24 06:28:12
Baraza deserved the trophy after becoming the top scorer of this season. I think
he'll be more lethal come next season.
Team work contributed to this. Sofapaka
is the team to watch, kudos.......
Kisanga Eric (Tz)  - Teacher   |41.223.4.xxx |2009-12-30 03:17:47
Its nice for a team which has just rise to be the champion of the Kenya premier
league, and the 2nd winner of Tusker cup as well as the best player in kenyan
The team admin should be closeto the goal keeper as what he showed in
the final match was in-discipline
1985  - This is what we have been waiting for......   |Registered |2010-01-21 03:23:53
whats up guyz ithink Sofapaka team coming to the kenyan premier league was a
long wait organized team,management,prayers, high class respct maze you guyz mko
juu tu sana league yaanza tuko nyuma yenu kuwacheer....brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
justus  - new dawn   |41.191.229.xxx |2010-02-12 00:31:59
well done sofapaka.you have taken kenyan football to another level.wish you well
in champions league.
Mopao  - Number1fan   |41.222.160.xxx |2010-03-04 09:36:33
I will endavour to follow the team home and away this season.Where are the East
and Central Club Championships being held this year? I will follow the team
there as well
Kimani George  - Kundos     |196.201.208.xxx |2010-03-18 02:12:13
Well done brothers.
mathew Kaimoi  - Fan     |62.24.118.xxx |2010-07-08 04:24:47
As much as we cheer your good play recently in Kigali, Sofapaka can still
restore their image if they play the same. Gudluck Sofapaka!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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